Moist Moder

Moist Moder develops in soils which are poor in bases, resulting in poorly decomposable litter, and under the long-term impact of stagnant water or groundwater significantly affecting the properties of the mineral topsoil as well as the organic surface layers. A typical feature of a Moist Moder is an Owbh horizon, which is smeary under moist or wet conditions. Water standing on the soil surface is common in late winter and spring; a blackish colour of both the Ol and Of horizons may temporarily indicate the hydromorphic conditions in the entire soil humus profile. Moist Moder has typically the following features:

  • Ol horizon or Owl horizon is present;
  • Of horizon or Owf horizon is present;
  • Owbh horizon is present; and
  • overlying a hydromorphic topsoil horizon (A horizon with redoximorphic features).

Moist Moder, sequence of horizons:
(Photo: Tina Frank).