E horizon, podzolised, strongly lightened by translocation of iron (hydr)oxides and humus substances, acid bleached. Transition to the following horizon often cone- or tongue-shaped [e from eluviated].

  1. light, pale soil matrix and
  2. a) purplish or mottled by acid bleaching, or
    b) bleached quartz grains and
  3. hardly any organic matter


  • prevalent Value ≥ 4 (dry ≥ 5) and Quotient Value and Chroma ≥ 2,5.
  • mostly overlaying an  Illuvialhorizont (such as.: Kh, Ksh, Ks or Ks-Bv Horizon)

Stagnic Podzol, parent material  glacial sand  with a thick forest floor (Mor)
horizon sequence: Ol / Of / Osh / Ee / Khs / Sw (Thilo Simon, GD NRW)



Ee transition horizon.

  1. light, pale soil matrix and
  2. acid bleached and
  3. organic carbon content ≥ 0.5 mass % and
  4. uneven proportion of humus, in the form of mottling and diffuse bleaching (partly mottled due to microbial decomposition) or due to accumulation of humus from the organic layer.



Ah transition horizon, weakly podzolised.

  1. acid bleached and
  2. under humus layer, thin, grey or black-grey coloured layer due to humus accumulation


  • prevalent soil colour: Hue 7,5YR to 2,5YR and Value ≥ 3 and ≤ 4.